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This website contains information about programs, projects, and services developed by Dr. Eileen O'Connor related to the instruction and professional development that she or consulting education professionals have implemented through Interactive Learning Solutions since 2001. This site also contains materials for and information about other work of Dr. O'Connor in education and in research into the use of 21st century technologies and learning, including:

  • fully online courses in using Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Excel for statistics especially designed for teachers but can serve other populations as well;
  • virtual and socially-networked K12 and education environments, known as SER/VE (the STEM Exploratory Real/Virtual Environment) has been an ongoing development effort of Eileen's since 2007; the link contains information and tutorials about using this environment; invited participants can also gain awards and certificates for joining quests and for working within virtual/social STEM (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics) environments;
  • a system of activities that can lead to badges are under development; starting badges prepare you for work in virtual settings;
  • for information on SER/VE, resources for science and mathematics teaching; for information for teaching in general; for technology tools and resources to aid in 21st century teaching; and for white papers and publications of Dr. O'Connor.

Contact Dr. O'Connor either at eileen.oconnor@esc.edu for her work as an associate professor at Empire State College of the State University of New York or at eileen.oconnor1@gmail.com for the professional development materials. Click here for her most recent curriculum vitae (resume).