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You will be able to create objects, clothing, attachments, even furniture and buildings, based on rules set by the virtual island owners. You may be able to sell objects to other avatars. Learn about creating in virtual environments and earn the five badges below. Learn about all the badges here.

Basic: Virtual Creator 1, 2, 3, & 4 / Basic: Web Uploader

Badge - virtual builderIn designated sandbox areas, you can right-click the land > click Build then create, move & shape, color, texturize, set physical properties & link shapes together. Review the animations; read the handouts; and practice, practice, practice. Then acquire badges by clicking the badge-link and taking the challenge (you can take it more than once). And, experiment, experiment, experiment on the virtual islands to reinforce your learning and to have fun.

Earn all your basic skills with these four badges. You will also need the Basic: Tools 2 and the Basic: Web Uploader badges to earn Basic: Virtual Creator 4.

Basic: Virtual Creator 1: Create & move objects; set colors & textures; give names & save to Inventory; view Animation (AN.) 1, the 3-page handout on basic to advanced building; and a 1-pg. handout on advanced building & making vehicles, then take this challenge -- Basic: Virtual Creator 1:

Basic: Virtual Creator 2: Make copies, change shapes, link objects, load pictures to inventory, and use pictures & texture on your objects; view AN. 2; AN. 3A; AN. 3B (on animation differences); and AN. 3C (on making pictures in PowerPoint) and the handouts above, then take this challenge -- Basic: Virtual Creator 2;

Basic: Virtual Creator 3: Learn from attachments, clothings, flags; customize & attach to the avatar; experiment; view AN. 4, & AN. 5 (also AN. 6, AN. 7, & AN. 8 give even more good examples) & the handouts above, and then take this challenge - Basic: Virtual Creator 3;

Basic: Virtual Creator 4: Make a complex object (linking more than two interesting shapes); then upload Snapshots of your object into the assigned Google Site for review by instructor & votes from colleagues, then take this challenge -- Basic: Virtual Creator 4 - requires Basic: Web Uploader 1 and Basic: Tools 2 (Snapshots) badges or their equivalent.

1. Basics of building Creating & moving shapes, changing sizes, colors, & textures, naming objects, & taking copy to inventory (4.5 minutes)
2. Make more complex objects Making duplicates, rotating objects, linking, putting prices on the object, renaming, putting into inventory (5 minutes)
3. Upload textures / make textures in PPT A. Bring images & digital pictures into your Inventory for use with objects, clothing & attachments (3 minutes); B. see this animation to learn Inventory differences on Marian Island; C. make images in PowerPoint and then upload them as textures
4. Acquire free / attach to avatar Acquire free objects for your Inventory, attach items from the Inventory to your avatar; adjust the location of items on your avatar (5 minutes)
5. Learn from complex objects Remove objects from Inventory; use Edit Linked Parts to study individual primitives; learn flexible pathways (5 minutes)
6. Learn from Inventory objects Open items in your inventory (3 min), moving to the sandbox area, then learn naming, linking; take items from your Inventory to learn more about making your own items (3 minutes) - you have some practice items in your Inventory
7. Learn from Inventory (2) Learn to build from pulling items from inventory; change linked parts (4.5 minutes)
8. Learn by making a clown hat Learn to build, link, name, adjust a clown hat; change camera angles; make duplicates; attach hat to your head; put hat in inventory (7.5 minutes)
  Patrick explains a show being prepared by middle school students
  More video about students building; click the smaller arrow to start the video; learn about the Mall of the Universe

Uploading images & files into designated websites - Basic: Web Uploader 1

Badge - web uploader

Often in courses, you will be asked to upload files to permission-only Google Site websites (you will be sent this information on the website).  Click here for a 3 minute animated version of the directions summarized below. After reviewing these directions and practicing, you can take the challenge for Basic: Web Uploader 1.

  • Move to the "top" of the Google site, by typing and from the top line, clicking More;
  • Scroll down and click Even More > on the page that opens, scroll way down and click Sites;
  • You are shown Google Sites for which you have been given permission; scroll down and click the name of the site to which you were directed;
  • Click into the site and locate the option that say you can Upload your file;
  • Once on that page, click Add Files (at the bottom of the page) > you are brought to your computer, locate the file, and click Open - the file is transferred to the website;
  • Leave comments by clicking Comments at screen bottom and typing our comments; you can reply to comments too - use this feature to interact with colleagues and other students.
  • NOTE: if you can not get access to the Add File feature: (1.) you may have NOT come in from the top - repeat the first three bulleted steps (do NOT just come in from a link), or (2.) you may not have the right permissions (get in touch with the organization that have you the Google site address so permissions can be reset).


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